Look beyond words. Be intuitive. Think science


The holy grail of any business is unlocking insights into customer motivation and behaviour. But how to achieve this as we live in the time when trends in customer behaviour have become fast changing and complex as never before. When making choices we are influenced by myriads of factors, with many of those remaining beyond our awareness. Traditional marketing surveys cannot be the only option of insights anymore. ​

Traditional marketing research measures the distance between your product and your customer. For example, customers' answers in a survey about a certain product are by default biased by the place, the moment when the survey is filled, the interviewer, etc. All elements of the survey influence your customers and, therefore, their answers. Even if all elements of the survey would be neutral, the answers would not reveal the true intent anyway. Why not? Because people are not able to fully understand, why they have made this or that choice. They just made their choice. They can justify (rationalise) their choice later, but at the moment of choosing, we are not aware, what drives our decision. Only insights into the unconscious processes in the brain can reveal the truth.

Neuroscience has developed a wide range of diagnostic methods to develop deep and informative insights which add substantial value to the traditional marketing tools. Such diagnostics allow to gather impressive set of data within precious moments of real interaction of customer with the product or service. Neuromarketing tools measure real-time emotional and cognitive responses beyond the conscious level, which are memory and verbal free, and socially unbiased. The neuro data set consists of multiple flows of variables, which change every millisecond, and in combination can tell you with certainty what is emotional and subconscious response of a customer to the product. In other words, if you know how to read such data, you will see, if there is enough spark between your customer and the product to make the choice happen in favour of your product.

Emotions drive behaviour. Your customers’ and your employees’ emotional and unconscious reactions to your product, your management style or company’s culture reveal much more than what they “think”. Neuro adds scientific precision to your marketing, leadership and HR strategies, helps access the data and measures dimensions that are otherwise unobtainable. With the help of the Neurotechnology, we access and analyse information from customers’ unconscious and automatic brain reactions to multi-sensory experiential situations.