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The holy grail of business is unlocking insights into customer motivation and behaviour. However, customer intrinsic motivation that drives behaviour was until recently hidden under a veil of rationalised reasons expressed in the form of questionnaires or report from the focus group interviews. ​

Neuroscience has developed a wide range of diagnostic methods to arrive into deep insights on the precious moments of interaction with the product or service. ​

Neuromarketing tools capture real-time emotional and cognitive responses beyond the conscious level, which are memory and verbal free, and socially unbiased.

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Neuroscience applied in business environment has practical application:​

- Design of products/services, retail environments, communications with your customer's brain in mind

- Measuring real customer experience - as customers interact with your product

- Aligning your employees with your brand, values and enhancing leadership skills of your team

It brings a number of tangible benefits in:​

- Increasing purchase conversion rates in on-line retail shops

- Boosting effectiveness of ads and communication campaigns

- Building lasting positioning of your brand and product in customers’ minds


We employ advanced Neuromarketing technology both in terms of measurement tools and processing software. Depending on the request, we conduct our Neuro measurements and research either in a lab or real environment, such as bank branch or supermarket.

We combine various types of neuro measures, specifically, Neurometrics (brain activity), Eye Tracking, Biometrics (skin conductance, heart rate), Face Analysis and Voice Analysis to better understand what emotion has driven the attention, and collect a more reliable and conclusive data, in order to get the most comprehensive perspectives and results.

Our technology toolkit includes:

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Our process and engagement with the customer typically include five stages:

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