Look beyond words. Be intuitive. Think science


BRAND: First, we show your brand in various forms (word, logo, tagline, in campaigns, with various associations, etc.) to your customers and/or other groups. Then, we measure how their brains react to your brand. Besides, we test the brands of your main competitors to define the relative brand strength. ​

DESIGN: We show your various creative solutions (images, headlines, text, call to action, video, banner, etc.) to the customers and measure how their brains respond to this material.

PRICE: We show different price levels to your customers and other groups and we measure which levels create the most positive brain response. Additionally, we implement testing of the prices depending on the context (advertisements, in your retail space, online, etc.) and in comparison with your competitors.

RETAIL: We invite customers to a retail environment and ask them to pursue different tasks, while at the same time measuring their brain activity and physical reactions. We know what they are looking at in any given moment and what their brain says about it. Are they interested? Do they like it? Do they understand it?

SENSORY: Customers try/taste your products while we record, in real-time, their brain’s reaction to the sensory stimuli.

PACKAGING: We ask customers to interact with your packaging, one or more options, and we measure their brains as they do it.

E-COMMERCE: Customers visit your e-commerce platform and perform various tasks while we are measuring, in real-time, emotional and brain acceptance levels through their whole journey.

CREATIVE CONCEPT: We expose your customers to the new concept and they are invited to interact with it. We measure, in real time, their brain responses and how these evolve while they explore the concept in its details. Then, we use multiple methods to analyse their involuntary responses from different perspectives.

SOCIAL MEDIA: We ask people to browse and interact with your social media profiles and while they do this we measure the activity of their brains. We can expose the participants to different scenarios, posts and discussions to see what they notice, why they engage and how they behave. ​

While the customers are in action, we measure their brain response to the element or the environment they interact with. ​