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We employ advanced Neuromarketing technology both in terms of measurement tools and processing software. Depending on the type of survey that needs to be performed, we conduct our Neuro measurements and research either in a lab or real environment, such as bank branch or supermarket. ​

We combine various types of neuro measures, specifically, Neurometrics (brain activity), Biometrics (skin conductance, heart rate, facial expression), Voice Analysis and Eye-tracking to better understand what emotion has driven the attention, and collect a more reliable and conclusive data, in order to get the most comprehensive perspectives and results. ​

Our technology toolkit includes: ​

EEG (Electroencephalography):

An electrophysiological monitoring method to record the electrical activity of the brain is used to measure:​

- specific emotions down to milliseconds (e.g. joy, anger, surprise, sadness)​

- emotional intensity (aroused vs. sleepy) and valance (positive vs. negative)​

- mental overload (cognitive load or brain effort)​

- cognitive engagement (mental resources devoted to a task) ​

EYE-TRACKING (camera or glasses) to measure:

- visual attention to different stimuli and focus​

- gaze sequence/path (how eyes move on the screen from point to point)​


- Facial Coding: second-by-second ratings of the amount of activity in “action units” of the face to derive measures of positive and negative emotion, and identify basic emotions such as happiness or fear​

- Facial electromyography (EMG): electrodes attached to the skin to detect invisible activity in facial expression muscles ​


- The emotional AI technology which measures raw vocal intonations and on their base recognizes a spectrum and intensity of emotions which are present in a customer’s voice ​


A suite of measures of the body’s response to a stimulus:​

- Galvanic Skin Responses​

- Heart Rate Variability (variation in the time interval between heartbeats which provides an independent measure of attention)