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We can test any element of your marketing activity at any stage of development. Depending on your needs, we can make a real life experience test or invite your potential clients to communicate with your products on the screen. We can also test your product in comparison with any product of your competitors. Usually, our clients approach us with a demand to test the following:​ ​​

BRAND: First, we show your brand in various forms (word, logo, tagline, in campaigns, with various associations, etc.) to your customers and/or other groups. Then, we measure how their brains react to your brand. Besides, we test the brands of your main competitors to define the relative brand strength. ​​

DESIGN (of a payments card, web page, etc.): We show your various creative solutions (images, headlines, text, call to action, video, banner, etc.) to the customers and measure how their brains respond to this material. ​

PRICE: We show different price levels to your customers and other groups and we measure which levels create the most positive brain response. Additionally, we implement testing of the prices depending on the context (advertisements, in your retail space, online, etc.) and in comparison with your competitors. ​​

ADVERTISING: We show you advertising to clients and see how their brain reacts. For example, on what side their emotions are? Does your ad make the viewers happy, sad, or leave them passive? Do they find the trailer interesting or boring? Where does their focus of attention lie? Are they able to notice important information in your ad? ​

RETAIL: We invite customers to a retail environment of a branch and ask them to pursue different tasks, while at the same time measuring their brain activity and physical reactions. We know what they are looking at in any given moment and what their brain says about it. Do they notice all important elements? How much time it will take them to notice an ATM, for instance? ​​

ONLINE BANKING: Customers visit your online banking platform and perform a routine task like opening an account or make a money transfer. While they are doing this, we measure in real time their cognitive load, emotional level and acceptance. ​

While the customers are in action, we measure their brain response to the element or the environment they interact with. ​